• Welcome to Stress Management Center

    When the SMC wellness and health wheel turns in the workplace the culture of the organization will not remain the same.

  • The best rated counselor in Lesotho

    A renowned Psycho-therapist in Lesotho. His work has extended to the neighboring countries like South Africa and Swaziland.

  • Best Massage Parlor in Lesotho

    For the purpose of relaxation, especially after stress situations come receive antistress massage or aromatherapy, which in combination with the selected agent in a palette of various oils and cream will lead to total relaxation.

Welcome to Stress Management Centre –
a place for counsel and relaxation

SMC offers fully fledged psycho-social support and soft skills training services under a wellness program with special focus on the corporate world.


A program that deals with Emotional abuse, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Substance Abuse, Child behavior, Couple Relationships, Extended family issues and many more.



Dealing with discovery and encounter, Advice, Disclosure, Positive living, ARV adherence, PEP (post exposure prophylaxis), Pregnancy, Prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT), Discordance.


Substance Abuse, Absenteeism and Presenteeism, Adjustment difficulties, Anxiety, Bullying, Burnout, Disciplinary, Discrimination, Leadership, Performance, Productivity, Motivation, Organisational and career change, Redundancy, Retirement and Retrenchment.


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About Us

Stress Management Centre (SMC) is an evolvement and expansion of Sesioana Counselling (SCS) Services has been operating in Lesotho since 2000. SCS was a small company providing psycho-social support counselling and soft skills to the society at large including corporate world. In its expansion SCS changed to SMC.

SMC has an array of services on offer. They are based on focused examination of a given workplace status quo, the organization’s vision and a wellness programme is necessary only in as far as it oils, activates, energizes and fuels the vehicle towards the realization of the vision.

What our customers say about us

It is important to note that LRA employees benefit tremendously from Stress Management Centre, as a result of their service excellence and being customer centric in meeting the needs of an individuals, groups, divisions and Management. I am thus very content to recommend SMC for anyone’s consideration. Giving Stress Management Center a chance to serve you shall always be worthy.

Mr Tsepiso Sesioana’s knowledge on psychology matters is a huge advantage to SLB staff, without a doubt, i recommend Stress Management Center for any change management interventions. As  a dedicated and knowledgeable Counselor an all-around great person, i know that he will be a beneficial in delivery of such service.

Stress Management Center is able to provide good counselling services, psycho support sessions for different issues that are affecting the workplace in this era such as change management, reorganization and realignment of structures.