No workplace exists in a bubble. Each of your employees is different and as an employer it is your job to help everyone in the office feel comfortable working with one another. There are activities you can do as a company to embrace what makes everyone that makes them unique.


6 Ways to Embrace the Diversity of Your Workplace

  • Create and enforce diversity policies. The best policies for diversity go beyond discrimination. Make your diversity initiatives positive and proactive. Make sure that inclusiveness is a core part of your company value systems and mission statement.
  • Commit to integrated culture of inclusion at all levels. If your upper management team is not diverse your employees will begin to think that there is a cap on their employment with your company they will never be able to surpass. Your management team should reflect the diversity of your entire organization.
  • Understand the barriers for diversity. Your recruiters need to be trained to understand the interview inequities among different groups of people. For instance, an older candidate may not be familiar with behavioral interviewing. Some minority candidates may be taught that describing accomplishments constitutes bragging and will be less inclined to discuss their achievements.
  • Take your employee needs into account. Is your company doing everything it can to make your environment a welcoming place to a diverse group of people? Think about your benefits packages or childcare support. What else can you do to attract and keep the best candidates at your company?
  • Expand your hiring practices. It is also important to recognize that different cultural and age groups access information in different ways. You want to have a community outreach program to communicate to everyone who may be a good fit for your organization. Social media, internet searches, job fairs, and classified ads are all still used by various groups.
  • Provide diversity training. Finally, it is important that your entire team understand and embrace diversity within your workplace. Show that your company culture is dependent on the diversity of employees working with you and provide training so everyone can understand differences as well as find common ground.
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