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Wellbeing at work is closely linked to wellbeing and health in life generally. Where wellbeing is eroded, people can get sick, mentally and physically. Sick people are less or not productive. Unproductive employees are not profitable and are a number one threat to business and all its intent.

Wellness Program

As a state of health, wellness is closely linked to your lifestyle and the choices you make. Each individual has a responsibility to themselves to provide for the essentials of good health – that being proper weight control, good nutrition, physical activity and exercise, and controlling of health risk factors.

Building a culture of health and wellness takes time. Workplaces are usually busy to build wellness programs by themselves. Their efforts tend to compromise the core businesses and are thus encouraged to source the support and services of experts who know how to activate consumers to take charge of their own health.


Workplace wellness programme is a program that promotes and supports health, safety and well being of its employees and employers. The programs come in different designs and sizes however they are all under pegged by the following six tenets:

  • Physical – Body endurance flexibility and strength.
  • Occupational – personal development, professional development and worthwhile work.
  • Social – family friends and relationships.
  • Intellectual – mind creativity and knowledge.
  • Spiritual – values, purpose religion and intuition.
  • Emotional –feelings, self-esteem and coping with stress.

Components and Topics

SMC has an array of services on offer. They are based on focused examination of a given workplace status quo, the organization’s vision and a wellness programme is necessary only in as far as it oils, activates, energizes and fuels the vehicle towards the realization of the vision. Its relevance is viewed in the context of the organization’s overall goal. As such dialogue is important.

It is imperative therefore, for SMC and a given workplace to agree which components of the wellness programme are suitable. SMC has the following five components on offer.


  • Abuse: Emotional
  • Abuse: Physical
  • Abuse: Sexual
  • Abuse: Substance
  • Child behaviour
  • Couple Relationships
  • Extended family issues

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